Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Shoot 5 IPads

Hello Friends.

I haven't used this blog in a while, was too busy gettin my twitter on. (Jesus, I hope I don't post that).

Now even by modern standards, I consider my personal life way to dull to give anyone a blow by blow account, so rather the plan is to post five images from Monday to Friday, namely three drawings and two photographs. You know, to keep my from sliding in to total unproductiveness.

So far my twitter has been active for six weeks and has been reasonably successfully, heres some of my favourites:

My dad saw this one and said "More like shite guy". Ever supportive in his own way.

Heres the link to Wolf man Walshes world of devastating loneliness:  http://twitter.com/wolfmanwalsh

Your Life in 20 Seconds

Right now this is the working title for a short project I've been planning for a little while now. I wanted to make sure that the project had legs and that I was actually going to finish it before posting, but I'm really enjoying it and just finished the model sheet for the main character:

That's pretty much it from me at the moment, hope you are well, talk soon. Love X

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