Thursday, December 23, 2010

Flying robots and snow

Christmas is here soon, which, contrary to popular belief, I love.

Business as usual the past little while, been working away on an educational film for a client which is cooler than it sounds (I was allowed to put a flying robot in it). Its pretty much just me working on the film so its theres a lot of freedom with it, and so far me and the client seem on the same page.
Lots of snow = Lots of snow photos

Heres a rejected design from the educational thing:
And the approved:

And the flying robot:

Deep down I suspect he really hates children.

Was out in town the other day and stoppe by "West Coast Coffee" on the Keys, got this awesome Snow white peppermint hot chocolate. Nice place:

Heres a concept Background from "Your life in 20 Seconds"

Still a lot of work to be done on that one.

Desktop! Click for full quality:

Updated Wolf Man Walshes Quarry of unfathomable solitude:

Ok, thats it, have a great Christmas!

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